Car Wrapping

Our professional team has many years of experience in car wraps !  You get a wide choice of colours as well as textures for your car’s appearance.  The car’s paintwork is protected, providing a better resale value.

    • You can De-Chrome your ride.
    • We can change your vehicle’s colour.
    • Wide choice of colors and textures available.
    • The wrap adds style and individuality to your vehicle.

Car Wraps adds styling making it stand out from the crowd.

Customize your vehicle with the choice of many different colors and textures. The car wraps are easy to remove which allows you to customize the colour of your car as many times as you like.

Car wrapping
Wrapping your car creates an extra protection layer for your car. The car wrap prevents damage from UV Rays which will protect the car’s original paintwork. Your car becomes better protected which provides a better resale value.

De-Chrome Your Ride

Vinyl wraps are another ideal way to wrap your chromed out window trims and grille. The most common choices when people look to “de-chrome” their rides are Matte and Black. Car Tint can help customize your ride giving you a sporty stealth look.

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