Car Protection

Car Tinting

Would you like your car to stand out from the crowd? Sure you do. Whether you want your car window tinting to look elegant with clear and invisible window films, or scorching hot – Eco Tint can help make it happen. In fact, when you have window tinting professionally installed on your car, you not only get the look you want but the privacy you seek from the outside world. 



  • Car Tinting with shades from light to dark
  • Colours to match factory privacy glass
  • Keeps your car cool & comfortable
  • Provides you 99% UV protection
  • Protects interior from fading
Car Tinting

Car Wrapping

Our professional team has many years of experience in car wraps !  You get a wide choice of colours as well as textures for your car’s appearance. The wrap adds individuality to your car, making it stand out from the crowd. The car’s paintwork is protected, providing a better resale value.   

Common areas for Wrapping

  • Side Mirrors
  • Bumper Bars
  • Bonnet ( full wrap or strips )
  •  Chrome Delete Trims
  • Quarter Panels
  • Roof

Paint Protection films

We get it, no matter how small, that first little nick hurts and keeping an eye out for everyday road damage is the worst. Why not add a layer of car paint protection film ? You’ll worry a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more. Our barely detectable paint protection films are the smart, easy way to keep your factory or custom paint finish looking fresh and flawless. You will appreciate what this specialty film’s self-healing properties do for the life of your finish- and for your life on the road. This film’s self-healing surface significantly improves the performance and durability of automotive paint finishes. 


  • Protection against everyday road damage
  • Shields against nicks & scratches
  • Provide resistance to stains
  • Match your paint finish
  • Add surface durability
Paint Protection Film

Tyre Sealant

ULTRASEAL is a premium quality Tyre Sealant that will extend the life of your tyres. The Ultraseal product is a preventative tyre sealant liquid. When inserted into a tyre, it repairs most punctures from the inside out. You won’t have to experience a breakdown and you will not even know you had a puncture. The product creates a permanent repair and keeps working for the life of the tyre. Ultraseal converts any pneumatic tyre into a self-sealing tyre that will maintain air pressure. Ultraseal has the unique ability to coat the entire inner surface of a tyre and bead. It ensures heat reduction and by maintaining the tyre pressure it also extends the life of the tyre, minimises tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption. If the tyres integrity is weakened to a point where the tyre and casing are unsafe, Ultraseal is designed to bleed and slowly release air pressure if the puncturing object has severely damaged the inner structure. Ultraseal will not hide or mask a dangerous wound regardless of how small the wound may be. If the integrity of the casing has been breached and safety becomes an issue Ultraseal is designed to allow air to escape in a controlled manner.  

Eco Tyre Seal is the ultimate tyre life extender. It is a preventative tyre sealant liquid which was invented to protect tyres from leakage, punctures and blowouts. Eco Tyre Seals most punctures as they happen, achieving a permanent repair and ensures heat reduction which extends tyre life by keeping the air pressure in the tyre. This minimizes tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption. Eco Tyre Seal is environmentally friendly and provides the driver extra safety. 



  • Increased Safety 
  • No More Punctures
  • Permanantly Seals Punctures
  • Saving You Valuable Time & Money 
Tyre Sealant

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