Vehicle Window Tinting

Look at the benefits you will enjoy by having car window tinting

Reduce Heat – prevents the transfer of solar heat by up to 60% leaving you cool and comfortable inside your vehicle.

Blocks UV Rays – blocks up to 99% of uv rays, so you can enjoy the view and the sunlight without the damaging ultraviolet rays.

Glare Reduction – reduces up to 60% of road glare making driving so much safer with less eye strain and fatigue.

Enhances Appearance – your vehicle will look great with smart, sleek window film to give it a unique and superior finish.

Helps Prevent Fading – by blocking UV rays and reducing heat transfer Eco Tint window films help prevent the premature aging of your car’s interior.

Improved Fuel Efficiency – reduced heat transfer means air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard to achieve driving comfort, reducing wear and tear on the a/c system and improving the fuel efficiency.

Increased Safety – in an accident glass shards are more likely to stay together, secured by the high strength bond between film and window glass.

Boosts Resale Value – the reduction in fading and cracking of your car’s interior and its superb appearance helps to preserve its resale value.

Professional Installation – once professionally installed your film will adhere to the window without bubbling or cracking. And it’s scratch resistant coating will provide a durable surface against normal wear and tear and cleaning.

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