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Questions & Answers

An average sedan takes between 1 and a half hours. Of course if there is old plastic film that needs to be removed it does take several hours longer.

Yes, if you have 2 cars tinted on the same day or invoice we will give you $50 off each car.

Cars fitted with plastic or dyed film will all bubble and blister
eventually. It is not the quality of the installation it is simply a low end quality product that only lasts a maximum of 1 year. Prior to today’s tints, all films were plastic or dyed.

On any sedan or stationwagon the darkest legal tint is 35% VLT in the front and rear windows. Vehicles with factory tinted glass may have lower than 35% VLT. In these instances, each window is marked as AS3 glass. Commercial vehicles like vans, utes & 4wd Suv’s have the same restrictions on the front side windows, but can have any darkness VLT level of film applied to the rear, side rear and back windows.