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Best Window Tinting Near You, Car window tinting is available in a variety of car tint shades to make customizing your car a simple task.

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Window tinting in Auckland offers exceptional heat rejection and increased privacy while reducing dangerous glare. Car Tinting provides a high level of fade resistance to help keep your car interior looking new for years to come. There is no better combination of tint quality, function and style of car tinting in Auckland.


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Questions & Answers

An average sedan takes between 1 and a half hours. Of course if there is old plastic film that needs to be removed it does take several hours longer.

Yes, if you have 2 cars tinted on the same day or invoice we will give you a discount on both cars.

Cars fitted with plastic or dyed film will all bubble and blister
eventually. It is not the quality of the installation it is simply a low end quality product that only lasts a maximum of 1 year. Prior to today’s tints, all films were plastic or dyed.

On any sedan or stationwagon the darkest legal tint is 35% VLT in the front and rear windows. Vehicles with factory tinted glass may have lower than 35% VLT. In these instances, each window is marked as AS3 glass. Commercial vehicles like vans, utes & 4wd XMC Suv’s have the same restrictions on the front side windows, but can have any darkness VLT level of film applied to the rear, side rear and back windows.

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